Glencarse Games 2017

Over 800 people attended the Glencarse Games on Sunday, 27th August at Inchyra House, Glencarse. Since their resurgence in 2011, the biennial Games have become a firm fixture in the summer diary of the Carse of Gowrie, its prime aim being to give the whole family an entertaining day out.

All ring events were hotly contested, especially the Tug o' War, which this year was won by a team from Errol Park. However, what has become the signature event of the Games is Hurl the Hassock, in which competitors of all ages take part.
The game was invented to replace the Hurl the Welly competition which was dropped after an erratically thown boot almost caused serious injury to one of the more elderly parishioners in the inaugural year. The new event originated through an over-requirement of kneeling hassocks in All Saints' Church, Glencarse. New hassocks had been embroidered by members of the congregation, making the old horsehair hassocks redundant. The weight in these hassocks was formidable, so with a bit of ducktape, they were turned into awkward objects of varying size which had to be hurled from a static position over a bar many feet above the ground. It turned out to be a task which all competitors warmed to, its accomplishment made all the more difficult by the fact that the ducktape stuck to their hands at the greatest point of velocity which meant that the competitor could either follow the hassock upwards or knock himself out with it. It is conducted in the spirit of a true Highland event, and as such, it was suggested that a few surplus hassocks should be donated to the Balmoral Gathering - but then again...
As always, the organising committee were the ones who made the day, but nothing could have happened without the in-house crowd - James and Caroline Inchyra for allowing the event to be held within their grounds and Tim Swan for his remarkable organisational skills.