Far, Far from Ypres

Peter Drummond-Hay's admitted 'near-obsession' to get McCalman's complex production onto the stage paid off handsomely for him on the evening of 9th November at Inchyra Arts Club, near Perth. The cast of nine played to a packed house, taking their audience through a full range of emotions - laughter, tears, and sheer disbelief at the statistics read out by the narrator, Drummond-Hay. Big credit for the production has to go to Lorne Heriot Maitland for her musical directorship, to James Inchyra for his expert handling of the stage lighting, but especially to Toby Reid in whose young, but brilliantly capable hands Drummond-Hay had entrusted the direction of the show. A recent graduate in Performing Arts from the New College in Lanarkshire, Reid put his own quirky slant on the production, as well displaying his full range of talents by playing various instruments in the accompanying band and giving a real goosebumps-raising rendition of James Studholme's Devon Brigade. 

All Saints' is a small church, but by heck, it ain't half bursting with talent...